Final Reflection

This class overall was beneficial for me. Things I learned:


From Twitter –

Through these collaboration and chat sessions I come away with many new ideas about technology and lesson. From this collaboration I organized a project for my students and implemented the use of technology. The project was based off of the students asking questions that they had about things we had already studied in Social Studies. They searched online for information they gathered on an outline that focused on Topics (main idea) and supporting details. My students struggle to find these parts of text so I thought this way they can use it while they are looking up some thing they are interested in. After they fill out the outline they then create a children’s book. Topic is the Title and the different ideas in the books all have three supporting details. The students gathered pictures online for the stories that needed to match their writing. My students have taken a long time to complete this project but have been engaged the entire time. This cross-curricular activity using technology propably would not have happened if I had not been in this class. It was because of twitter conversations that I was confident and able to start this project. There are many things I will need to fix for next time but I really like d the project.


Technology use –

I used new pieces of technology in my class as a result of this course. Voki is a great resource for the listening practice of technology. Several ipad applications have been used with my student with autism, and all students in my class have now been introduced to Word beyond the standard typing. They have used many of the formatting options, they have imported pictures, and used text boxes. They have also saved to an external hard drive as well. Another piece of technology that I used was Prezi. I really liked this for a brief presentation. I was introduced to voice-thread on Barbara’s blog which I really like. I will try to use that in the future. The teacher I mentored is now able to create clicker quizzes effectively and also use Voki for listening strategies. I gained a little experience in trouble shooting technology in front of my class as well as troubleshooting a situation where we could not alter the technology in the manner we wanted so we had to change our delivery to make it user friendly for the students. I was able to model technology use with my students in ideal situations as well as less than ideal situations. What I noticed was when they searched and it didn’t work out they were not frustrated or discouraged in the least they just kept on looking. This modeling shows the reality of technology and that some times the technology goes out or is not functioning properly so you trouble shoot using what you know.


Mentor experience –

This was a great collaboration experience. We worked together to solve problems and come up with new ideas. We used journals to document which made it easy to go back and look at what was done and how that worked. This is a strategy I have carried over into my everyday class I have different notebooks for different topics and when I see something or get an idea about something I write it in the respective notebook.


Writing a paper –

Yes writing this paper solidified a few idea for me about the paper writing process. I also like the idea of being able to apply knowledge from a different class to this one. This “cross-curricular” application of a new skill was a great job of modeling.


Reading material –

             REQUIRED – 

Teach Like a Pirate  – This book was great and gave me many ideas for my own class. It is tough to implement some of them in my 3rd grade class but as I continue on in my career I will gather more and new ideas. This book is definitely 5 stars.

 A New Culture of Learning: Cultivating the Imagination for a World of Constant Change – This book inspired me to continue to add technology to my class as well as adapt to the ever changing world.

            RESEARCHED –

Teaching Listening and Speaking –  this was a piece of literature I gathered online for my mentor project and is one that I will keep. It has some great information about speaking and listening in education.

Preparation Tips ( for presentations) – The was another bit of information I found online when I was looking to finish and present my results from my mentor project. It helped me narrow down what I wanted to present and how to present it. This is another paper I will hang on to.


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