Week 12 reflection

I finally posted my paper finished a screen cast and used Prezi. I also found an article about presentations. It was helpful to me. I guided me through finding a focus for my presentation. It had some very basic questions to follow but was beneficial to me. I tweeted it a few weeks ago when I found it. Not sure if it was of use to anyone but me. Writing the paper also solidified a few things form the research class which was nice to use that new skill again.

             I read Heathers blog and agreed with her needing to play with new things to become proficient with them. I related that to when I first used the SMARTBoard. I needed some basic training at first then I was able to play around with it for a bit. After that I asked for a bit more information about places to get lessons and was directed to SMARTexchange. There I have used lessons and also posted things for other teachers to use. I also offered to collaborate on hooks at any time.

            Hallies blog about her project using Glogster was good. I have used that tool with my third grade. I left her some input on using it with younger students.  When I was using it I wanted pictures that were not in their bank so I used it to create my own pictures so students will either have to be able to safely search the internet or they must know how to use multiple shapes to create the object they desire if it is not already offered.

            Tracie’s blog was great blog to put in perspective what  my project accomplished. I was thinking it was a bit lacking but after I looked at what was accomplished I felt a lot better about the project.


My goal is to continue using technology, and I hope to implement more in my classroom. I want to finish my classroom website and get that up and running for next semester.


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