week 11 reflection

Reflection; week 11


This week I spent a lot of time working on my project for the research class I did not get to spend quality time on blogs as I like to. This week I talked a lot with the tech person on our staff. She and I discussed a philosophy that could be used on a resume or on a website. She has used many of the programs we are using and talking about. She also has written a philosophy and has been a great resource for collaboration. I also started a weebly home page for my classroom and hope to finish it soon so my class can begin using it. I hope to have it up and running by the new year.


I reviewed blogs later  the blogs I visited and wrote on were Hallie’s, Tracie and Heather’s blogs. Hallie quoted the part about what we teach being only relevant I found that  alarming as many did this week. I was thinking though there have been educational advances before and how were those accepted? I posted a statement or food for thought. The videos and trainings on you tube is what trade books were used for in previous years. Teaching students how to learn should not be a new thing. Teaching them how to use the latest technology is just another tool. I remember learning from text books but not learning how to use them outside of school. Not until I found an interest did I pick up a trade book. That is why searching for students interest in school is so necessary. That way we can use the tools for learning .

When I read Tracie’s blog I totally agreed with her thoughts on modeling how to adapt to technology whether it is new technology, technology failing in class, or a search that has not yielded many useful sites. Students need to see that this is just part of things and they have to adapt. If they see you do it they are more likely to adapt as well.. I also let her know that her input in class and her feedback to some of my blogs has led me to a project that I am currently using in my class.

I liked the idea of Heathers motto. I also know that not everything new is all GREAT!!! Learn and use what you can. I did ask her thoughts on how to stay open to this change as teaching ideas go in cycles and just get new names with a few new twists. I hear teachers that have been teaching for a while just sigh when a new curriculum is introduced or when new teachers discuss the methods they were trained in, they just say we did that years ago. I plan on reminding myself of the fact that you can learn something from everyone or everything. I don’t want to take the wind out of a new teachers sails they need to be built up.


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