week 10 reflection

Week 10 reflection:

             Gamer week was interesting. There are two people on staff that are gamers to some extent. I learned a lot and can appreciate what gaming has to offer more now. I can see the leadership skills that can be formed. I just wonder how you relate those to the students so they can see that they have to apply these skills not just use them in the game. Application is the biggest problem that I see in my own classroom. My students will learn a skill but have no clue how to apply it or when.

            When I read Hallie’s blog I started to think about all the ways that we group our students in class and how people that game use groups. I think it is two different ways. I think in class we group from high to low on one skill or the same ability level in other cases. I left her a message about using the science and social studies to group like you would in a gamer situation. Use the different skills in groups to solve problems. Math and reading you could potentially so it but would take more planning and training in humble opinion. I may even try it in my class when we start science next semester.

            Tracie’s blog gave me an idea for my students to create a game and have to be able to use what they have learned in the game and apply that knowledge. I let a comment but I am thinking with her technology background and experience she has already tried that. I am thinking about how I can apply it to my room for Math and also incorporate reading.

            Heather’s blog about gaming was great!! After I read that I could relate better to what a leader in a gaming scenario would have to do. It was very much like coaching a sport. You have to find the strengths of your team and learn how they work the best together. As a team player you have to execute your job to your best or the team fails which is the case in team sports too. It was vary helpful in relating.

 My Goal is to check out some Online games and get involved to be able to use this in my class.  Not sure if I will have time as I finish my Masters but after that I would like to work on it.


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