reflection week 9

Week 9 reflection: What to where and how


This week was challenging for me as I had a million thoughts about this running through my head as I was reading things. I could not keep them all straight. I believe there is a time and place for everything. I don’t think we can rely on only one form of educating our children. There is a time to know what and there is a time to know how and where.

            When I read Heathers blog she was talking about webquests. I had to create one as part of my bachelors work in 2001 so I was surprised that she didn’t know about them. I am guessing that there is just that much more out there that Universities are introducing which makes it hard to teach it all. I then shared a few links to online webquest help and how to create your own. I remember I liked to create them but have not used it since I graduated.

            As usual Tracie had an interesting blog. I did have a question about the school that was in her blog and what the student population was like. I also continue to have concerns with students knowing basic facts and being able to use them efficiently.

            When I got to Hallie’s blog I also read the previous comments. I did respond to Joe on her blog. I also left her with a few Ideas on how to balance the what that we are required to teach in the district with the how.

I have talked to others that have been in our district for about 8 years and they said the district did try the constructivist method but the students had no background knowledge to pull from so the final projects were very limited. I took that into consideration and ended up creating a type of where and how mixed with a bit of explicit instruction. I will be interesting to see what my students do with this project and what they end up taking from it.


Biggest thing I have learned is to pay attention. See what works for your students and adapt it to them even when others may not agree with certain parts of it. You are the one in the classroom and you are the one that see’s the progress.


Goal is to finish the project in class and assess student knowledge and see if it was effective.


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