Presentation of Mentor Information

Etlead paper

Brief video on the results of my mentor project


3 thoughts on “Presentation of Mentor Information

  1. Courtney, I really identified with your closing thoughts. I too didn’t think this mentoring project amounted to much until my mentee and I reviewed all we had done together. At the end of the day, having a go-to person that can fix little things and offer creative solutions really helps build confidence and relieve stress. It sounds like you did a great job doing that! Very nice presentation.

  2. Tracie Weisz

    Courtney – I love the way you and your mentee used Voki for this project. Web tools like this are just so versatile, and I’m constantly surprised by how creatively they are used in classrooms. The fact that you used Voki’s different voices and accents was neat, and a very interesting twist thrown into a listening skills activity! Being able to listen to someone who speaks slowly and plainly is one thing, but very few people we actually have to listen to speak slowly or plainly.

    The great thing about data in these projects is that when we look back we really can see growth in some way, even though when we are in the thick of it it doesn’t seem like much is happening. It’s nice that you and your mentee have such a good rapport, because it’s also a good model for her of what to expect from great collaboration. Also, kudos for using Prezi – I still am not confident enough with it for a presentation 😦 but yours looked great!

    1. Thanks for your feedback. I like Prezi but found that I had to prepare my information first to see what I really wanted to present to the class.I found a webpage that helped me organize my thoughts for the presentation. It was at After I had that I found the type of Prezi outline I wanted and just filled in the basics. I was taught not to read a presentation to people so I had to organize a lot before making it but it worked for me. Thanks again.

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