Week 8 reflection

Week 8 reflection


This reflection has taken a bit longer than others and honestly I have learned so much more and can write about it than if I were to have just gotten it done because.

I have been working on the paper the last few weeks trying to understand each section and exactly what they are asking for. I do feel that there is some redundancy but after looking at many other papers including those in my literature review I have decided that is just how it is and I am not doing it completely wrong.  I think I have the Method section under control finally I am also understanding how to analyze data which a weakness I will admit to. I can see obvious trends but not much beyond that. I have employed my principal and tech person as my data assistance. I find trends and they either agree or disagree and then we discuss. This has helped me stay focused on the point of the data and not bringing what I think or feel into it. That is where I go wrong. I get off the topic and stray from the facts that are in front of me.

            The entire process finally came clear as I was writing my discussion section of my paper. I was happy to have been able to do parts of this paper along the way with the guidance of the class as well as my peers on site. I waited to post any comments on others papers until I had a better grasp on the parts of the paper. I cannot leave quality feedback if I don’t understand what each section of the paper is about.

            I looked at 4 different papers. One was Tracie and Barbra’s. I had looked at this paper during the review process. When I read the post for week eight I only had a questions about the percentages they documented in the analysis section. I understood that when you give a percentage for data that you give the exact percent not “about or around”. I was not sure if I missed and instruction to make our percentages round numbers when recording the data in the analysis section.

I also saw Barbra’s post offering to help with papers I left a message that I may take her up on that. I hope she is still willing.

            I also read Michelle’s paper. I suggested that she move her questions in the Method section to the appendix. I also suggested that some of the questions used in the beginning of the methods section could be left out. As I read that section I was confused as to what her focus really was.

            Hallie and I collaborated on Skype about our papers I have read hers several times. Recently it has been more for my benefit as she has already submitted hers but after looking at it I think she has a pretty good idea of what she is doing. She has been a big help this semester.

            The 4th paper I read was Carrollea’s. I didn’t find much to help with there either. She had a good product and I liked her visual data in the paper as well as her presentation.

My goal is to continue to implement my listening strategies and take the listening skills a bit farther to speaking skills. That was my original goal but in three weeks my students were only getting warmed up to the listening strategies. I would like to start having the students create the listening activities on Voki.

I also hope to keep up with the PLN that has been started. There are some great minds in this class and their ideas and applications for teaching have been great.


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