Philosophy of Adaptation Week 11

Philosophy of Adaptation:

1.  My motto for creating 21st Century Learners.

Making a school a home for “globe trotters” to develop creativity, inquiry, exploration, development of evidence based opinions, expression of student voices and problem solving skills.

I decided on this motto because I feel that students educated in the use of technology are the new Globe Trotters. Technology, as a tool, can transport an island village child anywhere in the world. They can establish relationships with other students worldwide and see the cities and countries where they live. They are able to access any information about any place in real time.

The characteristics I listed are things that I believe are essential for learners to have. I want to be able to develop these characteristics in my students because I feel that they are essential qualities for the different aspects of life that one my encounter. I believe this skill set can overcome many obstacles that the students will encounter in life. Many of the ideas for this Motto have come from discussions on twitter or with others in my PLN.

2. How do I adapt to change in my environment?

I will begin my teaching career with the skills I have today.  I will continue my teaching career by listening, observing, and communicating with students, teachers, parents, the educational community, and the technology community so that I am continually stretching, evolving, bending, and reaching, to become a better version of me each time I introduce myself to a class.  

3. How do I support my students in adapting to change?

As I move forward I will support my students in adapting to this change by exposing them to technology and its various adaptations. Through exploration and exposure to the constant change of technology students can learn to apply their previous knowledge to the new and ever-changing technologies. Thinking out of the box is another way I can support my students. I will begin teaching my students to see new and different adaptations for programs, games, and other technologies. I hope to use various games or programs with my class to teach different topics or ideas. I want my students to experience thinking outside of the norm or the standard. This type of thinking develops the students ability to apply their knowledge to the development of new processes or ideas and well as solving problems in or out of school.



3 thoughts on “Philosophy of Adaptation Week 11

  1. Your philosophy seems well thought out. It would be a stronger paper if you cited specific resources which helped build your philosophy. Let your audience know you’ve not only thought about your philosophy, but researched it as well. I like your list that you have included as you head to the future with your philosophy in mind. Here again, list some specifics. What do you plan specifically to implement first and second? Did specific resources help you come to determine this? If so, cite them. I like your motto, as well. I did a lot of research and thinking about mottos. The more powerful mottos are short and powerful… they stick in your head. What if you used a picture of a globe trotter next to a really short and punchy motto. “Making a home for 21st century learners” Then use the whole statement as you wrote it as a vision statement? Just thoughts.

    1. Thanks for the reply I will probably go back and make some changes. I interpreted this assignment to be something we can use for our philosophy when applying for a job. I don’t usually cite sources for that and/or list the activities I would use.
      I had many discussions with the “tech” person at my cite to get this philosophy she has been a huge resource for me. This class has also reminded me that I need to be continually educating myself especially on the topic of technology. The other thing this class did was to remind me how easy it is to connect with others and learn form others with the social networks. Thanks for your feedback as always it is thoughtful as well as helpful.

  2. I like your comment, “Technology, as a tool, can transport an island village child anywhere in the world. They can establish relationships with other students worldwide and see the cities and countries where they live.” Your students are so fortunate to have a teacher that understands the need for village students to not only connect with the larger world but also understands how to make that connection happen.

    What sites are you using to allow your students to connect with other students in the world? It sounds like they have established electronic penpals. I used to think that stamps from foreign countries were so exotic ;). Now students can see and experience another culture firsthand, through the eyes of a peer who lives there.

    I really appreciate and identify with your philosophy of “out of the box” thinking. That is at the heart of critical thinking which is so absolutely critical for students to be able to do.

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