etlead reflection week 8

This might have been my favorite week so far in this class I thought he discussion on twitter was helpful although It started a bit slow I was really liking the discussion I thought Michelle did a great job. And it was atopic I had been researching since I am interested in schools that seem to lean toward these curriculums. I also am creative and can take ideas and make them fit my class so when others joined twitter I was busy thinking and applying and actually missed some of the conversation. I like those type of twitters.

I commented on Tracie’s blog this week. I liked the idea of and intro of a picture or something which I have done to generate thought about words. She has taken it to the next level and has the student generate questions which I would like to begin to implement and use with another idea I got form Barbra about putting the EQ on the wall and using sticky notes for question and thoughts to add to the idea. I left Hallie a note about my week 7 blog that has questions listed for a collective but can be applied to classroom questions.

My goal for this week possibly implement the question strategy offered by tracie and mix it with Barbra’s.



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