etlead reflection week 7

This has been a crazy  few weeks of trying to get caught up I still have week 5 reflection to finish. I hope to finish 7 and 8 today as well as seaccr. This post was interesting for me as I have mixed emotions about the collective. I have similar feeling to Amber about graded classes in the collective but have learned a lot since I have been reading blogs and getting feedback.

This week again I contributed to twitter as well as posting on others blogs. I tried to leave some support for Amber. I have chatted on Skype with her and know that she is stressed right now with everything as we all are. I did also leave a different perspective in the comments. Hallie had a good blog as always and I left her an idea for doing a collective  after using the explicit instruction which was derived from input by Tracie.  Tracie also has good blogs and I seldom have anything to offer her as she seems to have a grasp on this already. I did however let her know I consider he a good “go to” person and that I appreciate her blogs. 


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