Seaccr week 7 reflection

This week was more data collection and I think I have made some decisions on how to alter my student material for the Voki activities. I will start them off by supplying them some of the key words and they can add more if they can come up with them. I also liked the idea of a topic question and putting sticky notes on it. I was given that idea through a comment this week. 

As for how I contributed to the learning of others this week I was again able to be int eh twitter chat and offer comments. I also left comments on Barbra’s blog about the tool they are gathering data for. I was not clear if the tool would just give resources or if it would help integrate these resources. I also read Karen K’s Blog and left a couple of ideas that had helped me enjoy reading and comprehend what I was reading. Hallie and I have some similar issues with students so I gave her an idea for summarizing strategy and also a comprehension strategy but I do like the picture idea that another classmate left on her blog. Michelle was working on the writers workshop. I had read her blog when we first began this project and remember that she mentioned continuing the gather data after this class. I asked about her findings and what the kids feelings were about the workshop. The last Blog I read was Lori’s She was discussing the use of the Daily Five which I have seen in a class once and it looked great. I left some questions for her about how the process is implemented since I was not able to see that part of the process I hope she answers me.

What I learned this week – I learned that through watching videos of my students that using the list of words before a reading/listening activity helps them stay focused on listening for the words but I am not sure if they comprehend any better. When we go back and discuss what we heard they throw out the words and think that covers it. I then have to get them to think about the ideas surrounding those words and remember them.

Goals – get the students using Voki regularly and get feedback on the program from student survey

Change data collection days to Friday instead of Monday


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