Week 8 data collection seaccr

What are some effective strategies to help increase students speaking and listening skills? 


Data collection continued –


What am I finding as I collect data this week? I am working on listening and speaking activities in the class to promote better listening comprehension skills and develop speaking skills I have started to implement the listening strategies with my students. This is the second week. I use a hook to introduce the chapter idea. After that we discuss words that they think they might hear. I list them on the board and the students raise their hand when they hear one of them. Using this activity gets them thinking about what they are going to hear and also keeps them listening for the words. In the videos I have noticed that the students are more engaged in the listening process. I am not sure that they are comprehending things any more. When we go back over the material the students don’t recall information much faster but they can locate the key words in the reading and find information much faster.

            I had planned on introducing the listening activites on Voki this week but have run into a snag. Part of the listening activity is to use what we practice in class when we listen. I want the students to be thinking about words they may hear when they hear a title, or topic for discussion. Also I want them to predict what they might read about. My students are still struggling with this and not sure they can list ideas and word on their own. I wanted this listening activity to be independent. My thoughts are to go back and re-teach or accommodate by listening some words for them. I am leaning toward listing some words for them and then slowly removing them. If the activities are successful and the students like them I want to continue them throughout the year. Input would be great if you have any to offer.

            In my methods I was going to do a students survey every two weeks to gather continual data on my student about how they feel about the activities. I designed that to happen on Mondays, which means I don’t have that data yet to see how they like the use of these strategies. I am also looking to see if they think it helps them pay attention in class as well as understand the material


3 thoughts on “Week 8 data collection seaccr

  1. Was Voki part of the snag? Or the whole process has slowed and so you have to wait to use Voki? I was a bit unclear. I have used Voki quite a bit. If it is a Voki problem, maybe I can help.

    I find that getting students to reflect is more successful right after an event. I would switch data collection to Fridays so that the events you want them to reflect on are fresh in their minds. My kids seem to have a clean slate on Mondays.

    1. Yes the snag is in the process slowing down, not Voki. They are not able to generate ideas/word about a topic without guidance. I am with you on the data collection I will be changing that part of my research also.

  2. Tracie Weisz

    Using precise vocabulary is a good practice but one we probably don’t enforce near enough (me included!). I have found that when I really focus on having them do this often I get much better understanding in the long run. Even if it’s “just” technology class, when I’m introducing something new, I try to remember the vocabulary they’ll need to know going with that unit (URL, embed, point, click, home page, copy/paste, html code, etc), I list it and make them use it when they are asking me questions or explaining something – even if it’s to a classmate. I find they pick up the habit pretty quickly. All of your purposeful reinforcement of vocabulary will have a positive effect, even if it’s in the long run. It just takes time to get used to it!

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