Question for Seaccr class about teaching materials

All of the listening comprehension I am using for my research Is expository. I input the short passages to Voki and the students have a question sheet, a the top, before they listen, they write words that they think they may hear while listening, then listen, after that they answer the questions. They also track how many times they listen to the Voki.

I would like to have some narrative options but Voki only allows for 60 seconds of recording. I have used tumble books for a reading/ listening resource but it is a combination of reading and listening. Would you consider that a listening activity or does that fact that words are present skew the data? Also I would like some thoughts on poetry for listening activities.  I am not that familiar with some of the issues that may come up as far as comprehension and student’s understanding since the format is different. On the other hand I am thinking about exposing them to it but not sure if I am getting away from my original idea or how that will effect the data since it is a format they have not been exposed to much. Any input from anyone would be appreciated.


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