Seaccr week 6 reflection

This week was a bit nutty I am trying to get caught up from the week I was away and get my students back into our schedule, and working like they did when I was here. SO frustrating that 7 weeks worth of work can be gone in one and take at least 2 to get back. GRRRR.

 Week six was my first data collection week. The video observations were about what I expected but as I went back through them I was noticing even more.

I am also struggling understanding the method section of the research project. I spent a lot of time on one that was incorrect and now have spent more on one that I still don’t understand so I know has errors. I have also been trying to open a file in live text that opens as a blank page but when I move my cursor over the title in my inbox it shows there is writing there. I have no idea what is going on.  I have even reviewed the video on how to send for review and review proposals thinking I am missing something.

I left messages on several blogs this week Amber from gamble has a great start on her project and loved her library activity as well as that enormous list of interests (love 3rd grade) I gave here a strategy that can be used to help with finding main idea when listening to nonfiction text. Brandi had a scenario that we have all experienced. Students not wanting to interact. I offered 3-4 suggestions ranging from incentives if the students are able to do the work but not willing to interact, to letting student work with another student younger or older depending on their comfort level. I also gave her a website ( which she may already know about but has ben beneficial for me. I left input for Leslie on Spelling city that was very simple but I have really gotten good use. That is to not only use it for spelling but for vocabulary practice for other areas of curriculum. Jeffery I didn’t have any ideas for he has a situation I am not familiar with other than being the student so I left him input on how I used blackboard recordings when I missed a class.  Michelle was the last one I read and I am curious to see how hers turns out. I was curious about the assessments being administered across the district. My question was if the program had a standard assessment that all of them use and grade the same or if that is part that is subject to personal points of view. In twitter this week I tried to contribute to conversations by answering questions but found feedback from lee mostly a few others were trying but not a lot of great interaction. I am also noticing that with the research topics in different areas I don’t have much to offer those with topic very different from mine.


What I learned this week: (it was a rough one)

  • I learned that my students pay less attention than I thought when listening.
  • I was also reminded that no mater if it is listening or reading comprehension you always need the vocabulary portion.
  • I learned that I don’t even know where to begin on my design research portion of my paper. In other words, I don’t know what I don’t know. It is just not making sense to me. L
  • My reading comprehension personally is terrible.


Goal for this week :

  • Start writing my paper so I just have to filling things in where needed.
  • Try to figure out the research design and figure out what will help me understand it           
  • Keep materials labeled and organized 

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