seaccr week 4 reflection

This week was the week of data collection research. I was able to twitter before I left for SD and was stuck for 3 of the 7 days I was away. As always I try to add to the conversation and answer the questions that are posed during that time. I was read through several blogs. Jeffery’s blog was tough for me. I really could not think of a valid method to offer him on his data collection since he teaches via blackboard. He cannot hand out a survey vs. using survey monkey. I read Ambers twice. The first time I read it, it gave me an idea for my own data collection but the only other thing that come to mind is how much I can relate to her situation . The second time I thought of a program a teacher in my cohort used last year to help with comprehension as well as track it so I offered her that as a suggestion. I also left a question on Leslie’s blog about the Spelling City she is using. I wanted to know if there is any documentation that will take place on the activities specifically the students used and which may be most beneficial. I have used the site and if she does gather that data I would love to see what helped the students most on that program.


What did I learn:

I learned I needed to be more specific on what I was looking for in my own data collection.

I was reminded by Amber about a piece of technology that I can use for data collection.



My goal for data collection:



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