Etlead week 5

Essential Question

How does the culture of your current teaching environment differ from the learning environment you experienced as a student?

Many things have changed since I was in school. The amount of technology is one of the biggest things. We had a computer lab that we were aloud to go to once a week maybe twice. Learning was in our seats and practice was written. Some of my favorite days were the days we got to watch a video or use the TV in the classroom.

For that time that was technology. My teachers were trying to use the technology available to them at the time, which is what we are doing now. So I would say that the culture in the classroom has changed with the amount of technology but I feel that teachers have been and are always trying to use the latest ideas and strategies to give their students the best learning environment possible.

            One of the articles I did find was about the students’ homes in the rural communities that don’t have the Internet capability that the schools have. The principal was quoted as saying “When they are at school we do our very best to service them and to provide them (with technology).” ( Sheehy, 2011) The problem then becomes what to do when they go home. These students often have dial up and according to the article they are not able to work on some of the projects at home. The article continues on the talk about getting these connections stronger and until they do both the students and the school will suffer.

            The village I currently teach in still faces these challenges. GCI provides Internet service to the area as well as Tengonet services. Neither one of these could handle the bandwidth needed to service projects that require streaming for the amount of people that would need to. In teacher housing we used Tengonet last year and most of the time I could check my mail but not access much else on the Internet. I tried several times to attend my classes on blackboard and had no success. I also tried to load my assignments and most of the time was not able to do that either. If I cannot do this with what is supposed to be the better provider then how will the students do it. This puts us right back in the dilemma of only having Internet access at school and what can be accomplished. Many of my young students will take days to teach a program and how to operate it and that cuts into class time for the required material. Also right now with meetings and classes after school there is little time to have students stay and work after school hours. I have been looking for applications with minimal training time to apply for my listening and speaking skills. After talking to Barbra D. I think I have a plan. I am not sure how it will work but it is a place to start and I can picture how it will work in my class. Hopefully I will be posting about that in a later post!!!



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2 thoughts on “Etlead week 5

  1. We often have problems with bandwidth at our school. Our district presented Safari montage at our last inservice. Since our district bought into the program I have no bandwidth problems and I can show videos, use the data base and store my work. I am not sure of all the technology that my IT people had to do but I like the program. It might be something your school or district might want to look into.

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