etlead 6 reflection

Week 6 reflection etlead


This week I did not get anything accomplish with my mentor project as I was out of town. I did collaborate with the teacher I am mentoring and we have discussed what the plan for her implementation of speaking and listening strategies will look like. I have gotten her clickers set up and her first quiz. The next one she will create as we will use this technology several times. I wanted her to see it in action before trying to navigate the system and create her own.


Class contributions. I was not able to tweet this week but have had the opportunity to read some of the blogs. I liked Heathers take on play and learning. I was looking at play from my perspective and how we as teachers play in a different manner from children but both of us are just trying to make sense of some thing new in our environment. I did share with her an activity or classroom play that I had my students use to learn the process of shopping (being a customer and a cashier) that is written about in so many word problems. I also responded to her thoughts on using manipulatives.  Tracy’s blog was a great snapshot of her mentor project. I did leave a question for her and am waiting for her reply. I asked if younger students need to be competent before they can apply their knowledge to this type of program or if she thought applying their knowledge would help them become competent. I also commented on Barbra’s blog. She actually gave me an idea for an activity and I wanted her input because she knows the program and what it can do. I hope to hear from her. I also commented on a blog outside of this class. Chris Roger’s blog is about technology at the elementary level. I linked his blog to my etlead blog for this week. I hope others will check it out and possibly follow.


What did I learn this week:

 I already knew that play was a way that students make sense of the world. I just needed the refresher course to remind me to fit it back into my lessons. I also gained some ideas for listening and speaking strategies.


Goals for next week


Begin mentoring and implementing strategies for listening and speaking

Create a speaking or listening strategy using technology.



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