Seaccr week 5 reflection

This week I was out of town so I was not able to begin data collection with my students.  So you will find that my data to this point is observational only.

I am also taking this opportunity to combine my Action research class with my Ed Tech class. I am mentoring another teacher on implementing listening comprehension skills and well as speaking skills into her daily lessons. I then hope to implement more technology into these areas as well but wanted to start with things that could be done daily and quite easily. Then move onto things that will take more time. Having said that I am planning for two in the beginning phase and then she is implementing it into her class. I then decided that I could also have her collect the same data to give me more data but with a 5th grade class also. I hope after this week I will have some baseline data.

A lot of my reflections when reading blogs are more for myself. I often feel that others have a better understanding of the material than I do. I get my best ideas after reading many of them. As I was reading through the blogs for this week I was given an idea by Ambers blog on data collection for my own research. It is hard for me to tell how I contribute to others when I am the one gaining so much. I leave notes when others have inspired me so they at least know that they have contributed to my learning.

There were two blogs that I did leave ideas on those were Hallie’s and Kevin’s blogs. Kevin’s blog was amazing to me I could actually picture me using some of the technology he spoke of with my own students. They are actually things I had been looking for like visual thesaurus and visuWord. I would easily implement those into my spelling/word study routine. I did share with him the lesson I used last year with Edmodo and Glogster to create a poster from a word map. Hallie and I teach in the same district. I had an idea that could potentially combine technology with the non-fictional text she is using so I shared that information with here. Not sure if she is already using it as it is available through the district but thought I would share what I have used.

Tracy’s blog was interesting and got me thinking about what maybe out there this summer for teachers and technology offered by the district in my hometown. Teachers don’t stay in the villages here so there is not a large base to pull from. Many go back to their respective states so see family and friends or they travel so having a tech class during the summer in our school is not going to work for us. That is why I was thinking I could possibly contact the district that is near my family in South Dakota and see if anything is available. I am person that does better with face to face contact rather than computer. I am visual so just reading about things most of the time is not beneficial for me. I like a hands on walk me through it then I can apply it kind of instruction.

What did I learn this week:

Never leave for South Dakota when there is a Winter storm in Oct. 

No really I have found that the data collection methods I have chosen needed clarification on what information I want to look at exactly. I found this through reading others blogs which I think has already helped me in organizing my data collecting methods. I can avoid the issues others have had. So it seems I am facing a doubled edged sword. I don’t like being behind in class but have the opportunity to learn from others when implementing my own data collection.


Gather data and implement strategies into daily routines for listening comp and speaking practice.

get up to date with all class work

be able to effectively analyze data collected

collaborate with mentor teacher on the data collected.



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