Seaccr week 5 Data collection

What am I finding as I collect data


I have not officially started the data collection using my methods yet. I was not as school for the last week so there was no data collection. My research question deals with student listening comprehension as well as student speaking skills. The main focus of the speaking skills is answering or discussing in a complete thought and with better dramatics.


What I do have for data at this point is observational data. I have observed that the listening comprehension of my students is very low. I find myself using several different methods of instruction to reach them.  Those include acting things out, drawing pictures. This leads me to believe that the listening problem is in part a vocabulary problem.  I have already been addressing this in my class so I decided that I would focus on developing listening skills.  Through observation, when using a traditional information delivery method I noticed students could not repeat back basic instructions. They are not able to hold and retain more than one instruction at a time. I also noticed the longer the instruction the worse it was for retention.


Speaking is another area the students need work. Using complete sentences to answer a question is tough. I also notice the grammar is what some may call broken. The students use the wrong verb tense among other things but it is what they hear in the village. Many sentences are missing articles or more so you will hear “I go store” or “I go to store”. The verbal answers in class are very similar. During reading we are already teaching them to use the question as the stem for the response. This has had some success so I am hoping to implement that across my curriculum.


I will have more data after this week. I will be gathering video footage during a listening comprehension lesson I will be looking at their body language and engagement as well as their analyzing their verbal responses. I will also use my classroom clickers for a quiz checking the listening comprehension as well as working on a student surveys.

After implementing some strategies I will apply these data collection methods again and look for change in body language as well as engagement and the clicker quiz for information to see what if any effects these strategies may have on comprehension.

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