Etlead week 6 What does play have to do with embracing change and how does this impact you as a professional?

Etlead week 6

What does play have to do with embracing change and how does this impact you as a professional?


When I first read this EQ I instantly though about how children play to make sense of the world around them. I really liked the comparison in the reading about a child a child playing with a new toy and an adult logging onto the Internet (Seeley Brown, Thomas 2011). That could be applied to everyday occurrences in class. As teachers we hit road-blocks in our lessons as well as new standards and methods. We “play” with these ideas to make sense of them and to see how they will work in our class or with our students. Change is going to happen with or without me. Being able to “play” with this new information gives me the ability to adapt and grow so that my students can do the same.


In Chris Rogers’s blog he talks about creating a coaching culture. This to me is like group play; teachers working together discussing what their reality is in their class and how they can embrace it and make sense of it. We do this as a group to help problem solve.


My teacher play time may consist of :

New technology

New teaching methods

New curriculum

New standards

New students

New adminstration

New data collection methods

New interventions


These are just a few things that teachers must “play” around with and make sense of on a regular basis. If I just focus on the methods this past year and a half I have had to play around with the constant change of technology and its’ use in my classroom. This has been an obstacle since I don’t feel like I am very tech savvy. What I did find is that there is always someone better and always someone worse than you. I have also come to the conclusion that no matter what new technology is out there is probably and application for it in school to “hook” students.  I would agree with the fact that you may never fully “harness the power of new media and technology”( Seeley Brown, Thomas 2011) what we can do is learn how to embrace it and apply it to our profession to help students learn. This also means giving them the skills to do the same on their own lives after they are out of our schools.



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One thought on “Etlead week 6 What does play have to do with embracing change and how does this impact you as a professional?

  1. Her are some suggestions to facilitate play with technology in educational settings:

    1. Let learners bring in their devices (all types – mobile, gaming, robotics) for use in the classroom, to reinforce learning, and for show and tell.
    2. Use some educational monies to purchase “fun” technologies – gaming systems, Lego robotics, iPad apps.
    3. Give kids unstructured free time play using their and their peer’s devices.
    4. Ask learners to teach you and the class about a technology he or she is using at home.
    5. Give learners a choice how they want to demonstrate their content area learning – a video? a online game? a board game?
    6. Explore and integrate Maker Education as part of the curriculum.
    7. Encourage and provide the time and tools for students to share their learning with a global audience – e.g. Skyping with another classroom, blogging, Tweeting, creating videos and newscast.

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