Week 4 reflection

This week has been a “rollercoaster” of a week. First I felt comfortable with my topics and thought I understood what was expected for class. As i was having technical difficulties at the beginning of the week I was on that long slow ride up to the top of the rollercoaster (except I had no idea what was about to happen kind of like Space Mountain) The next class I realized I had wasted my time searching for and reading materials that weren’t quite right for my topic and the direction I wanted to take.So I had to find new material. Then read, again, and create my blog and think about how this material will help me and how I want to use it. Somewhere in the middle of all of this was the loop ( i personally like the loops) so that was the class Q&A with Dave Burgess. The Q&A was great and although I didn’t have a question I was still really engulfed by the passion he had and the energy was contagious. It was that little burst of energy you need in the middle of the week.

I didn’t find myself contribution as much this week partially because of the amount of work I had to redo. I was caught up in getting my information situation handled. I did comment on a few blogs. I also found a colleague to mentor which was a very welcome relief. She and I collaborated for about 30 min this weekend and she actually said she was looking forward to this. That has been an issue when finding someone to mentor. Everyone is soooooo busy no one wanted to do it. I finally found someone and  

Things I learned this week were things related to my mentor which is also related to my research project. I found  some articles of what others have done. For the mentor project I am looking forward to trying some of the different apps in my class and to see what results the teacher I am mentoring has when using these apps as well.

Goal for next week: again keep up with the class work and make sure I am on the right track earlier in the week. I will be gone for a week starting Thursday so I also want to have most of my work finished by then. What I hope to learn/ I hope to learn how to use survey monkey to create a survey for the teacher I am mentoring. Oh and get some sleep so I can function and think straight. 


One thought on “Week 4 reflection

  1. Courtney,
    You don’t ever have to apologize. We are all doing the best we can juggling our family responsibilities and our very demanding jobs. All of us are taking these courses so that we will be better teachers and we want to do our best. The mentor project has been hard to define but I think most of us are on track now. Your posts are always interesting and thoughtful. Keep up the good work!

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