seaccr week 3

A summary of this week would begin with me searching for action research that would relate to my study. Most of what I found was done with older students. I learned a lot about setting up a study and also what other people have done and how they did it which will help me set up my own study.

My contributions to others this week were less than last week I did comment on a few blogs and also shared a link to a you tube video as well as shared a research idea.When I was on twitter I realized that what I had started for my initial blog was incorrect so I spent time scanning through the conversations that pertained to my questions trying  to keep up. I have found myself very wrapped up in this project and yet have not been able to “see”  what it might look like in my class. I personally have to imagine what it will look like and how I will integrate some of the ideas I have. I feel that going into this without a picture of how it will work leaves me open for disaster. The visualization is also what gets me motivated or excited about a project. 

Goal for next week:

My goal for next week is to stay on top of my work as I will be traveling for a week. Also to get a clear idea of where I can implement my research strategies and gather the data. Another thing I will focus on is different ways of gathering data and what will be most effective. I have selected the types of data I believe I can get form this research but I need to research listening probes and how to either create them or where to find them for students at my level.


One thought on “seaccr week 3

  1. I know how you feel – I also ended up changing my initial ideas for my research project last week. I can also understand the need to “see” how your project will work in your classroom. Research begins with a human problem so instead of fighting to envision the broad outcomes, try instead to picture how it will work with your students and design it for them. We are all just plugging along with this project and its nice to know someone else is experiencing the same things.

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