week 3 reflection

Week 3 Reflection


This week we reflected on teaching excellence. Burgesses book is certainly inspiring and has me thinking about my own classroom. There is so much that can be done. It can be overwhelming. I am trying to take it one subject at a time. During this process I will keep in mind the questions for maintaining excellence and keeping my students the priority.

Contributions and collaboration:

This week I figured out how to post to twitter and was able to use it to post an example for a classmate during discussion. I also felt like I could follow the conversation in this class better than another that I am in. I think it is because I understand what is going on in this class a little better.


My goal this week is to maintain my participation and understanding of what is going on. I am also working on my mentor project trying to find a willing participant and decide what we are going to do.


After reading this section and writing my blog I am also going to try to focus on one subject at a time and start thinking about some of Burgess’s suggestions about how to spice up my lessons and keep my classroom interesting.


2 thoughts on “week 3 reflection

  1. I like your idea of focusing on one area at a time. When I first read Teach Like a Pirate, I wanted to try a thousand things all at once. However, I quickly realized that doing that would not be beneficial for myself or my students. Thanks for the reminder!

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