week 2 reflection

Reflection week 2


I have been doing a lot of thinking about these changes and how it impacts my classroom this year. This class has just amplified that. Our district has been doing trainings on them and I keep thinking about the fact that they say these skills are what employers are looking for. They want employees that can think critically as well as be adaptable. I also think about a statistic that I once hear about the job market. I was told many of the jobs that today’s students will be applying for have not even been created yet. If this is true then they most certainly need to be adaptable and be able to think critically in new situations.


Collaborating this week


This week Amber and I collaborated for about 45 min after class on Skype talking about her research piece. I have also made comments on others blogs. I also offered information to people on the twitter feed but none of them are working on anything close to my topic. I also discussed my topic ideas on twitter. Most of my feedback was from Lee. I still have not settled on a topic yet so I hope to finalize that soon.


 What I have learned:

First thing I learned is that if you want feedback on your blog… make sure you are on the blog roll…

This week I have gained a better understanding of the impact of the ELA standards. Partly from my district training and partly from the research in this class


Next weeks goal:


  1. Settle on a topic for the research and find someone to collaborate
  2. Continue to try and discuss topics on twitter, keep trying even with the chaotic conversations and sporadic feedback.

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