Essential Question: How will I demonstrate impact on student learning as a result of my differentiated lesson?


In our school we are pushed to use Data to show impact and to prove student learning. I started my lessons on Graphs and charts with a pre-assessment that used the SMART Response clickers, which my students love to use. I plan on using the same assessment at the conclusion of the lesson to gather more data on student progress. I will use that in conjunction with the students’ final product and the rubric scores. Our school has also been involved it the STEPP process. One part of this process urges us to find different forms of data, which is why I will take the assessment, the rubric and the final product, into consideration when I demonstrate the lessons impact on student learning.

I am still not certain how I will weigh each art of the final assessment if any one out there has some input I would love to hear what you think. So far I am thinking of weighing the test/project something like 30/70. I feel that the project should be worth more because there are more components to it and you also need a greater understanding to complete and present data than to chose answers.

All in all this will be interesting since my students are not very computer savvy. We are taking time this week to introduce the students to the graph maker program as well as Show me if I can get it uploaded to my ipad. And both are contingent upon the internet holding up.


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