Week seven

What tool did you learn this week to assist you in differentiating the learning process for students?
This week I learned how to use Glogster. I decided to use one of my third grade word maps and create a poster for the words. It is pretty easy to use and I think that students will like the graphics and there are plenty of different backgrounds to chose from. There is also the option to purchase for a classroom.

My students don’t have a lot of computer search experience so taking time to teach them to use this with importing pictures is going to be a struggle.  I think I will approach this by using whole class instruction and laptops. First I will have to teach the students how to find images that are available through the Glogster site. Next I will teach them to search online for free clip art and have to bookmark those sites on the computers.

The students have done the word maps so they are familiar with filling them out. The map will be finished before they student is able to use Glogster so they will have a guide. When finished there is a print option for the poster. User beware!! When you print the Glogster logo is printed in the top corner of the poster so you may have to adjust your poster so information is not covered up. It others that have used this have found a way to omit the logo please let me know.

My Golgster for 3rd grade math vocabulary:


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