Week six

What does it mean to differentiate the process (content, strategies for instruction) in the classroom?



Differentiation for ELL:

            Differentiating for these student scan include a word map for vocabulary as well as other vocabulary building activities. They also need to have a multiple choice option where the answer is available until they have a better grasp on the language for that level or activity. If you feel that they have a good grasp then use constructed response. There is a free online source called glossary maker that you can download to have students create personal glossaries from their vocabulary words


Differentiation for SPED:

            For Special education accommodations I have used Ipad applications for below level students and reinforcement activities. I also use them as part of my rewards system for those students that need to work on their focus. If they do the activity I have for them for a given amount of time they get 5 min on the Ipad doing reinforcement games. I also create lessons that include


Differentiation for learning styles:

            Differentiating for learning styles is something we all do when planning our lessons. We know that we need to plan for the different learning styles and give the students as many options as possible to grasp the material. I have one student that started reflex math, a fluency intervention and has now memorized four more facts. He has been working on basic math facts all year in other interventions but now that it is in a game format on the computer he is recalling these facts more fluently.


Differentiation for the general education classroom:

            This type of differentiation I think of as the rate to which each student learns or feels comfortable using a skill and is able to apply it. This year I have been doing a lot of “we do” using white boards with the students until they feel comfortable enough to practice on their own. At that time the student begins working on their assignment individually. After that they have varied practices on IXL for reinforcement in areas that they need improvement.  


These are some things that I do daily please feel free to leave any more ideas in the comments thanks.


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