Week 5

What are your overall take-aways from the methods/tools that you might use to differentiate the classroom environment (for teacher productivity and student progression)? Which of these may you use in your classroom in the future?


There were so many ideas and things that were presented during this first module. I ended up selecting two that I thought I could use. The first is Evernote. It was easy to set up and I am thinking it will be easy for my students to learn to save their work to their folder. I like being able to create a file and have it shared so easily. I can also keep student work in one place and have it organized as they work.

         The other program I am trying to implement in my classroom is Edmodo. This one is taking a bit more time to get a grasp on. I would like to use Edmodo for my upper level students. They would be able to comprehend the written directions need to complete some of the assignments. As I wrote in my previous blog my goal is to set up an assignment using Edmodo for this higher level group then see where I can go from there. I think after I get used to the program it will be easier to create programs for all the levels. I do know from experience the lower levels usually need more assistance.

          I have several programs downloaded to my Ipad that I have used with students of different abilities. Most of these I used for reinforcement of basic math facts. Some of the programs I have used for reinforcement are Multiplication Training, Times Tables, Sum stacker, and Brain Nook Arithmetic and Math Apps.  Another program that gets a lot of use in my class is IXL. My students need so much practice. This program is perfect for my class I can start them at the level they need to be at they get practice and when they have finished that level they can go to the next. It has all the skills in easy to locate groups to make it easy for navigation. I also like the feedback it gives the students. Right away they notice the numbers on the side going up or down. They are always excited to tell me when their score is going up. The students like to use it. I did have one parent tell me that they use it at home.


One thought on “Week 5

  1. Thanks for giving a glimpse at the way you use technology in your class. It seems to me that technology in math allows for the rote memorization practice versus the higher level problem solving and technology allows for deeper analysis of writing through word processing tools and ease of revising.

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