Week 4

How can I use tools “in the cloud” to easily manage and deliver feedback to my students?


So far I have managed to get Evernote started for my classroom writing. I have downloaded my student work and have started to gather note for each student. I currently have to wait for some computer issues to be resolved through the school before I can install Evernote on the other classroom computers. Once that is complete it will be much easier to check work and have the students submit and review their own work.

            While collaborating with Amber on our Wiki we talked about the tool our district uses called DART. The parents and students can log on at anytime and review their grades as well as feedback from the teacher. I have yet to talk to a parent that uses this process but still it is there for them to use.   

We also use AimsWeb data. I can go online or print the graphs to show each student their progress and to see trends. For example, after vacations we usually see a decrease in scores. We discuss with a student that after these breaks we need to work hard to recall the information and strategies we use to reach their goal.  In some cases to make sure that student does not get frustrated and give up because their score went down. In AimsWeb the goals are set for the students. These goals are created buy looking at their data

I am not sure what “the cloud” entails but these are online tools that we use to communicate progress with your students.


Edmodo has taken a back seat to Evernote. The initial process of set up and my understanding of the Evernote application was much easier and less time consuming. Therefore I decided to make that a priority.

My goal for Edmodo is to create an assignment with a rubric. This would be for my higher level students. I would like to attach a video from Kahn academy to this if I can for them to watch for a review on a topic. I was then thinking I can give them a book assignment, (for some reason my 4th and 5th graders love working out of the book but I don’t want to use that too much) or give them directions to go on IXL for practice. The students would write each problem down and work through it. The part I have not decided on is how to do is the assessment. I will create something for them as an assessment and they will then have the rubric available to see what is expected.  They will grade themselves and I will grade them also.

The conversation on twitter about the badges was helpful to me. I saw that they had them but didn’t really know the application for it. I hope I am correct but it sounded as though you could create your own which my students will enjoy. That can be an after school project for some of them. Several students want to stay after school and this could be a good activity for them.



One thought on “Week 4

  1. “The CLOUD” is just a fancy marketing term for the ability to access and work on your data from anywhere with an Internet connection. Essentially a combination of service and storage for some subscription charge or for some other agreement. Evernote fits into this since they store your data and provide ways to work with that data (the Evernote and Skitch apps). Most users don’t pay for up to a certain amount of data transfer (60MB/month). Heavy users pay for the service monthly or yearly.

    Badges are a method of awarding achievement rather than providing a grade on a periodic basis. Sounds like fun. I’d like to hear more stories from people around AK about their use in the classroom and its effect on motivation, engagement, etc.

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