week 3

What technology tools can I use to manage and track differentiated student progress in my class.


When I started this class I thought I had an idea of the technology out there. After the first two classes I have realized I will never be caught up with all of the technology out there. I was reading twitter comments about Edmodo, and several other programs that are out there for classroom use. The second week I found KidGrid for the Ipad/Ipod as well as Edmodo. I could not find out much about KidGrid and it seemed there were more people with experience using Edmodo. It has been very overwhelming so I have decided to focus on Edmodo and try to make that work. Thus far I have been reading about how to use Edmodo for the things I would like especially the assessment tool. I have been working on setting up my classes in effort to use this to have students track their progress on a certain topic.

Currently I use a rubric with my students. They can track their progress on a rubric in paper form. The student then decides on their grade and we discuss. If they can provide evidence for their grade we go with that grade.  This is a tough process for some that are still trying to figure out what it means to show evidence. I am also communicating with the 3rd grade group on wikispaces and have been in contact with Amber H. In regards to the page set up and how we will be communication with others for the project. I hope to gain more information about technological assessments from other group members.

As a district we use Dart. It is a program where parents and students can track their progress by viewing their grades. This is the progress after grading.  My grading is all done in spreadsheet and the students don’t have access to that. As for technology being used in the assessment process currently there is very little.

To reflect on this I have decided to make more of an effort to get Edmodo figured out, and running in my classroom. I will try to connect more with others when I have more clear questions. I am trying to read the help notes and work my way through some of these challenges instead of relying on others to tell me everything.  Once I understand one program and can use it effectively I will move on to others. I hope that once I understand one I can apply my knowledge to others and the process may become easier.


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